Let Us Thank God For Another Church Anniversary!


As you know, September 4, 1988, our church ministry began.  To God be the Glory, 29 years later we are still able to serve God together.  In spite of some bad times, the ups and downs, the ins and outs, those who come and those who have moved on, we are learning to put our trust in God and lean not unto our own understanding.

I personally want to thank our Elders, Ministers, Church Officers, and current members for your commitment, service, and your love for our church and towards me and my family.  For the work of God is not about just one person, but it's about being a family or a team that is willing to work together and serve together for a greater purpose.  And because God is working through all of us, this goal is being accomplished.  Therefore, may the Lord continue to do a special work in our hearts that we might know Him better, and renew our minds, so that we might follow Him unconditionally, and strengthen our bodies so that we serve Him always.

I love you and I thank you! 

Pastor John,